since 2008

Thomasine Barnekow is a Swedish designer that lives in the heart of Paris where she creates gloves and accessories in her couture atelier.

In 2018, the French luxury association Centre du Luxe et de la Creation nominated Thomasine as a ”Talent of Invention” for her work with gloves.

Vogue Arabia

“The breathtaking couture gloves you'll want to wear now!”

Collezioni Accessori

“Everything you ever wanted to know about gloves but never dared to ask. The glove world explodes in a myriad of forms and possibilities, showing unexpected verve and vitality: intriguing spirals adorn the cuff, sensual plaits run up the forearm, surprising cuts create futuristic volumes. Contemporary architecture, the geometries of nature, manipulated materials and colour dynamics suggests formal visions, challenges to traditional craftsmanship that profoundly renews the identity and perception of the glove as an accessory.”

Cool Hunting

“The Swedish designer turns the ubiquitous accessory upside down from her Parisian atelier.”


“A gloved-handshake is no longer a tactile pleasure, but an olfactive experience, bringing life to a communion of the senses sought after by the most refined artistic experiences.”


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