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PARIS parfumé

Contemporary and elegant women’s perfumed glove


The Paris lambskin leather glove is a stunning design showing off a spectacular spiralled cuff, which moves beautifully and comfortably with the wearer’s wrist, and shows-off the lavish dual-coloured leather. Combination between finest perfumed French lambskin on the glove in Paprika colour and in combination with a soft black lambskin cuff. A trademarked design and one of the most unique models in the Thomasine collection.


The lining is made of silk.

PARIS parfumé

390,00 €Price
Color: paprika/black
  • Beautiful, and handmade in Europe with finest perfumed lambskin from France.

    Fragrance notes of the Paprika: Rough and embracing ingredients, able to inebriate and captivate. Floral bouquets contrasts and quality raw materials that at first may not match, a portent effluvium, the one of a true charmer.

    Notes: Warm Spicy, Amber, Floral, Musky

    Designed in Paris by Thomasine

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