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PARIS parfumé

Contemporary and elegant women’s perfumed glove


The Paris lambskin leather glove is a stunning design showing off a spectacular spiralled cuff, which moves beautifully and comfortably with the wearer’s wrist, and shows-off the lavish dual-coloured leather. Soft Bougainvillier colour lambskin glove in combination with the finest perfumed French lambskin in a Myrtille purple cuff. A trademarked design and one of the most unique models in the Thomasine collection.


The lining is made of silk.

PARIS parfumé

390,00 €Price
  • Beautiful, and handmade in Europe with finest perfumed lambskin from France.

    Fragrance notes of the Myrtille purple: An experience of stumbling upon an ancient church while walking through the woods. The green and woody fragrance follows you inside. Candles burn silently, their lights still flickering. A waft of incense lingers high above the altar as if the congregation has just vanished. There are notes of myrrh, black pepper, cedar wood, patchouli, vetiver and amber.

    Notes: Amber, Leather, Warm Spicy, Woody, Animalic, Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Balsamic, Earty, Smoky

    Designed in Paris by Thomasine

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