Frequently asked questions

How do I know my correct glove size ?

Please measure the circumference of your hand palm just below the knuckles with a closed hand. Important to measure your dominent hand (right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed) and to exclude your thumb. Refer the measurment in centimeters to the list below: cm >> [ glove size ] 17.5 cm >> [ 6.5 ] 19 cm >> [ 7 ] 20 cm >> [ 7.5 ] 21.5 cm >> [ 8 ] 23 cm >> [ 8.5 ] 24 cm >> [ 9 ] 25.5 cm >> [ 9.5] 27 cm >> [ 10 ] Glove size is a measurement in French inches, based on the sizing caliber made by Xavier Jouvin in the 1830's in France.

Could gloves be custom made ?

Yes of course! Please contact us directly at SALES to precice your wishes and we will look over the request and then come back with a proposal and price. A request can be anything from changing finger lengths, special size measurements or more advanced design construction. A custom order can be made for both private clients and for professionals.

I saw THOMASINE gloves in the press, how can I buy them?

If you do not find the gloves in our webshop, then please contact us directly at SALES with a photo of the publication and we can advise if we are able to remake these gloves especially for you and how long it will take before delivery.

How to borrow THOMASINE gloves for a photo shoot?

In the Paris boutique and showroom there is a large press stock of gloves - please contact us at PRESS to present your shoot and we will let you know what is available. The borrower will be responsible for transport both ways.

Can a group visit be arranged in the THOMASINE boutique?

You are very welcome as a group, but please communicate this in advance with us at Rendez-Vous, so that we can decide for a day and an hour of privatization. There is also a possibility to book a special presentation with Thomasine Barnekow to know more about her work of creating a new design identity for gloves and to learn a little more of the history of glove making.

Is it possible to apply for an internship?

There are sometimes openings for internships in the THOMASINE atelier. Please send your cv and motivation letter to Rendez-Vous. Qualities valued in the atelier are hand-sewing, patience and positivity.

How do I care for my gloves?

The THOMASINE gloves are made of the finest lambskin from France and Italy. The quality of this material is to feel like a second skin on your hand - but it also means that you have to care for them as if it was.
• Always remember to keep your gloves stretched flat when not used, in normal indoor temperature and out of sunlight. • It is always better to have several gloves to change between to make them stay beautiful for a life time, they will look more "loved" when only one pair is being used intensly for a whole season.

How do I clean a stain on the gloves ?

If a small stain, please try to care for it as soon as possible. • Stretch out the glove leather and try to work out the stain. • Do not fully submerge them in water, nor put them in a washing machine. • Possibly prepare a lukewarme solution of water and soap flakes and carefully wipe the stain on the leather with a cloth. • Let them dry flat, without no source of heat. Try them on a few times in the drying process to restore their shape. • Any insecurity over the stain, please bring the gloves to a dry cleaner or lambskin speacialist for further advise.