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Swedish contemporary modernism with redressing the seat of a Swedish antique 18th century chair with a fine French lambskin couture patchwork. An organic contemporary floral design, inspired by Thomasine's nobel heritage.  The colour combination is designed and custom made for each client, to become an haute couture jewel to a beautiful interior.


Please contact THOMASINE couture personally if you have an interest in a similar couture chair.


5 000,00 €Price
  • Antique Swedish 18th century chair redressed with finest French lambskin leather in a contemporary mosaic patchwork pattern on seat cushion.

    Antique furniture chair modernized by a new couture seat designed and hand made by Thomasine in Paris.

    Every chair is unique in shape and colours and custom made for the client. There is never one chair alike an other.

    Please contact THOMASINE couture to be able to know available antique chairs. Custom chairs only for sale, if order is placed on two chairs, as antique chairs come in pairs.

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